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South African Clan : RoA Gaming

Hi Gamers!

So, with the upcoming unveiling of our official home website, we have decided to start one of our new features a bit early – just to give you a taste of what’s to come.

With the latest spotlight on eSports, in particular, South African eSports, we here at SAGP have decided to do a weekly local clan feature.

For our first feature, we interview the guys at RoA Gaming, a local clan that’s been going since June 2011. They are based mainly on PS3 but as they grow they intend to be all rounder’s, and have a strong presence on all available platforms. They play a selection of games but focus mainly on Call of Duty. Their biggest goal is to represent South Africa in an international championship, and have just landed their first sponsor.

Let’s see what Team RoA has to say.

Who exactly are the original members and what made you consider forming a clan together?

The original members that started this clan were:

RoA__S3MT3X_K1NG          (Duane – Leader)
RoA__wEs-A-pRaWn            (Wesley)
RoA__fIrE-sHrImP                (Darrien)
RoA__Surge                              (Clinton)
RoA__Grant182                      (Grant)

We decided to form the clan because we wanted to join in with the SA community, promote online gaming as well as develop friendships with other clans that have been going on for years. We created RoA because the more clans there are to compete the more interesting it makes for tournaments. We also wanted to get involved with the competitions and get exposure on YouTube like FaZe but the main thing is we just wanna have a jol doing it!

Who are all of your current members?

Wes, 19                      RoA__Wes-A-pRaWn
Cody, 21                    RoA__WiZ
Darrien,16                RoA__fIrE-sHrImP
Kyle,24                      RoA__bluEFish
Nate,16                      RoA__PrOdiGY
Duane,26                  RoA__S3MT3X_K1NG
Tim,16                       RoA__R3MiXx
Sharan,18                 RoA__Legion
Grant,22                   RoA__Grant_182
Mikylah,19               RoA__Miki
Clint,24                      RoA__Surge
Marcel,17                 RoA__Bizurq
Sean,18                      RoA__KILL3R_ST3W
Sam,14                       RoA__KILLER_SALAD

What does RoA stand for and what is the meaning behind it?

RoA stands for Rise of Anarchy.
The meaning behind it was that we wanted to prove that we can come from nowhere and show that we are a team that can compete and not be a walk over! We may fail but we’ll rise back up and face the next challenge!

(Great philosophy –Ed)

Do you guys have a leader? What are the other roles members fill in the clan?

The leader of the clan is Duane and we have a team for management of the clan that consists of
Kyle, Wes and Cody. We also have two of our own designers that do all of our artwork, they are Cody and Sean.

How often do you practise and what’s your main game, or do you have members assigned to specific games?

We try and get a scrim once a week at least. Our main game mode is SnD. No, we don’t have member’s assigned to specific game modes. Our players are all-round guys so we can just come on and jam.

What is your greatest achievement as a clan so far?

Placing third in last year’s DGL Tournament.

Are there any clans out there that you aspire to be like?

Optic Gaming from America and the local F34R Clan.

What are your views on the competitive console scene in SA?

We would like more competitions and LAN’s on PS3 but we know that the competitive scene is mainly on Xbox and we are planning to make a move across to Xbox when the Xbox 720 gets released.

Are you actively recruiting?

No, we are not actively recruiting unless specified by sponsors.

What’s the main thing that keeps your clan together and going strong?

Well most of us have known one another for about one or two years now and we’ve grown more into a family.

(I guess family sticks together! –Ed)

Tell us your funniest moment while in a competition?

Well funniest moment we’ve experienced was crawling across a map in a clan match and having enemies run right past us! We also have killed each other with rogue grenades that come out of nowhere.

How did you get your sponsor?

We have an incredibly dedicated leader that only wants the best for us whether he’s online or offline. While offline he arranges to meet with potential sponsors and never gives up. For every no you get one step closer to a yes! That’s why we were successful and grateful for the sponsor we recently have in Matrix Warehouse Amanzimtoti.

Thanks RoA Gaming, it’s been a pleasure to talk with you! SAGP wishes you all the best in the future and you best keep us up to date on your happenings!