CoD Championship Starts Tonight, Support Team Xtaz!

The CoD Championship starts tonight, and our very own proudly South African Team Xtaz will be showing off their stuff in their drawn group, a pretty tough one, I must add.

They will come up against:

  • Team Unite – qualified through the MLG Championship. Lost 3 members due to age restrictions in the competition, head of the team Clayster then recruited 3 of the best players from European clans to fill out his team. They are a team to be reckoned with, however, they haven’t had all the time in the world to practice together, so Xtaz must take advantage of this flaw.
  • Inferno BreakYourLimits – These are the Italian Champions. They tend to be inconsistent, but should they all be in the groove on the night, Xtaz is in for a battle of epic proportions. If Xtaz notices an inconsistency within BYL’s ranks, they should pressure it.
  • Team Quantic – This team has proven themselves more than capable of victory, whether it be online or on LAN, and Xtaz must be prepared to face up against this kind of experience without allowing the pressure to affect them.

Gamers, we need to get behind Xtaz and support them all the way! You guys can tune in and watch the live stream here:

It starts at 21:00 tonight.

Remember to let the team know you’re behind them, take to social networking sites and express your support! 250834-header