Nextbox Rumours and how We feel about them

The past three months here at SAGP, we have declined to report on the huge amounts of rumours swirling around the release/announcement of the next-gen Xbox (nextbox).

At the moment, we have still heard nothing official from Microsoft, and we probably won’t, until we get a reveal date. However, there is one specific rumour that has been flying around endlessly,  and its one of great concern.

Several sources have now stated that the next generation Xbox will be always online, always connected.

“If there isn’t a connection, no games or apps can be started, if the connection is interrupted then after a period of time–currently three minutes, if I remember correctly–the game/app is suspended and the network troubleshooter started.” says a source from

This is a huge thing for the gaming community, maybe not for those with a constantly stable and uncapped internet connection, which aren’t few and far between in places like America and the UK, but come to South Africa, and even our faster lines aren’t as stable as they should be, and data costs are extremely high. We aren’t the only country in the world with an issue like this, and it seems like Microsoft has completely forgotten about the issues smaller, less developed countries (and gamers) are facing.

We already know for sure that the PS4 will NOT require any internet connection to function, but that the connection will enhance a player’s experience. This is understandable. It means  games can still be played offline, and a person can choose when to patch them, or play multiplayer when the mood strikes.

The idea of being forced to function in an always online environment, will limit a Gamers experience with the nextbox. In fact, several wont be having any nextbox experience if that’s the case, as many have come out and said that they refuse to have their game play restricted and monitored  by Microsoft.  There are also those who dont have internet access at all, or very limited access.

In all honestly, what kind of markets will Microsoft be killing with this move? Basically every third world country! The nextbox will be as successful if not more than the Xbox 360, but will mainly find its Market in countries where the internet and data costs are not issues.

If this is an anti-piracy move on the part of Microsoft  they should know  by now that there will always be someone who finds an exploit, or who figures out how to play something in a different environment than what they (Microsoft) wanted.

Piracy should be approached in a different light.  Yes,  it is bad, and yes, it hurts the industry,  but if Microsoft thinks that by limiting a patron in one of the most essential ways possible on a very expensive console they will stop it, or make it impossible on the nextbox, they are sorely mistaken.

Lets hope that this rumour is nothing more than a rumour,  shall we?





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